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Fuji Apples are one of the sweetest apple varieties available. Fuji apples have a naturally shiny and waxy surface. They are considered a medium to large sized apple, with a thick skin and juicy, crisp white flesh, and a sweet taste with moderate to low sourness.

SunMoon Red Fuji apple is a kind of apple generally loved by our consumers. 100 grams of red Fuji apple can provide energy 49 kcal and contains Vitamin A, C, E and important essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. Red Fuji Apples can help to reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, increase antioxidant intake and strengthen bones with its rich nutrition profile.

Our SunMoon Premium Fuji Apples have been carefully grown, picked and packed to provide quality and tasty fresh apples for you and your family. Each SunMoon Fuji Apple is tracked on the blockchain from the packhouse as it travels through our global food supply chain to reach your table. We see food safety and food quality as a top priority, taking quality assurance seriously and are committed to food traceability and transparency with our consumers’ best interest at heart.

SunMoon Fuji Apples are grown in the Shandong province of China, in the Yantai region. The unique maritime climate and the superior geographical location contribute to the high quality of Fuji apples, which are not only lusciously red but also crisp and sweet.

We make sure that every harvest season, all apples from SunMoon have the SunMoon quality assurance.

Our apples are cleaned, selected and packed with the highest standards at our packing facilities. All our facilities have globally recognized hygiene and quality assurance certifications.

Did you know? Every apple is tracked and traced from the farm to fork – using blockchain traceability and QR labels to ensure food safety standards for our consumers. This way, you can be sure that every bite into a SunMoon Fuji Apple will bring you a sweet taste of freshness and natural goodness.

About SunMoon Food

Started in 1977, SunMoon Food Company is a global distributor and marketer of quality and nutritious fresh fruits, vegetables, and fruit derivatives, delivered to the health-conscious consumer in the most convenient way.

At SunMoon, our team works hard to empower consumers to lead happy and healthy lifestyles. Dedicated to creating quality, natural and safe food products from only the finest fresh fruits and vegetables around the world, SunMoon leverages state-of-the-art technology to track and trace food products in real-time, ensuring food safety throughout the food supply chain.

Together, we can create a healthier, sustainable earth with honest and nutritious foods.

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