Pink Lady Apples

Country of Origin

Western Australia

WA’s Home of Crunchy Apples Pink Lady: now tagged with a DiMuto QR code to ensure blockchain traceability and transparency of their farm to fork journey, from Manjimup to your fridge crisper!

Newton Orchards is also the home of WA’s best tasting natural apple juice, Cloudy South, and the On the Shoulders of Giants range of craft apple ciders and apple spirits.

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Our Farm to Fork story:
Perfectly sweet-tart, crunchy and juicy premium fruit from Newton Orchards, the Home of Crunchy Apples. Located around WA’s pristine, clean and isolated Southern Forests region with the town of Manjimup at its heart, these are the orchards where the world-famous Pink Lady was first commercially developed and exported.

A cross between Golden Delicious and Lady William, the Cripps Pink variety was developed by West Australian apple breeder John Cripps in the 1970s and 80s. After 200 days on the trees ripening slowly in our perfect climate, fed by pure rainfall and meticulous care to the world’s best standards of food safety, only the best apples go on to bear the Pink Lady brand. Distinctive for their stunning pink skin, more-ish sweet yet tart and clean flavour, crunchy and juicy texture and rich in antioxidants, West Australian-grown Pink Lady is one of the most popular apples in the world.
Farm to Fork Process Story

A Newton Orchards Pink Lady apple begins its journey to your plate each September as the swelling buds on the trees begin to burst into blossom. Our orchard team takes great care at during the spring to provide the trees with the right nutrient balance at this critical growth period. As the blossoms fall and little applets form, the crop is covered with netting to protect from bird, hail and sun damage.

Thinning occurs in late spring and early summer, which is the process of leaving only the amount of apples that each tree is capable of growing to the market’s size and quality requirements; all the excess fruit must be removed. Over summer the nutrition programme continues but due to WA’s hot dry January and February, most important is regular irrigation from our large catchment and storage freshwater dams.

Approaching 200 days of ripening, we test the crop to ensure the correct harvest specifications of brix sugar levels, balanced natural fruit acids, starch and pressure for the crunch factor that every delicious apple needs! Harvest of successive varieties is all completed by hand from Royal Gala in February through to Pink Lady and Sundowner in May and June. A period of controlled atmosphere storage where natural gas levels are manipulated to arrest the ripening process, essentially putting the apple to sleep, the flavour profile of our Pinks is better integrated as some of the natural acid composition changes, making them sweeter.

At packing time they are washed, presized and graded to ensure top quality and sufficient pink colour to meet the Pink Lady specification. Our fruit does not have extra wax applied, just a natural shine from gently buffing the skin as the apples roll across the packline brushes before being handpacked, handstacked and dispatched to their final destination.

Every Pink Lady apple has been tagged with the DiMuto QR code to ensure traceability and transparency of their farm to fork journey – to bring a taste that’s closer to nature to you.

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