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Avocados have a round to pear-like shape and a relatively tough green to red brown skin. The soft and creamy flesh is dark yellow to light yellow. The EAT ME avocados are the Hass variety. These avocados can be recognised by their dark and bumpy skin. The Hass avocado, of all the avocado varieties, has the most creamiest and nutty flavour. The EAT ME avocados are perfectly ripe and full of flavour.

Nature's Pride avocados are grown using sustainable farming practices. For instance, avocados from Mexico are not grown from deforested land. In Peru and Chile, avocados are grown with smart water techniques and innovative soil techniques to ensure that the water supply is managed properly.

Did you know that each Nature's Pride avocado has a plant-derived protective layer that extends their shelf life and help reduce food waste by 50%?

Nature’s Pride Eat Me Avocado are also sustainably packed in 100% cardboard packaging, reducing use of plastic by 52,000 KG annually, and 21 less trailers worth of transportation movements due to its flat-packed packaging.

When you enjoy Nature's Pride Eat Me avocados, you enjoy quality, healthy and nutritional fruits that are grown sustainably. Each Nature's Pride avocado has been tracked from farm to table by DiMuto on the blockchain, so that you can be sure that Nature’s Pride is delivering our brand promise of making the world healthier and more sustainable.

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