Colombia Supremo WHOLE BEAN 12oz

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100% Arabica, Product of Colombia. Kumanday Coffee overflows your senses, offering you a magnificent combination of aroma, taste, texture, pleasure, company and satisfaction. 12 oz, ideal size to enjoy Colombia´s finest coffee at home.

Our product KUMANDAY, is carefully selected by the biggest size bean, it's homogeneous, defects-free and with attributes of taste and aroma in cup. KUMANDAY, screen 17/18, 100% Colombian Arabica, is grown by small coffee growers on Coffee Growers Cooperatives, by which it is guaranteed that their efforts are compensated through responsible trade and fair prices that our company pays consistently and additionally direct contributions to programs that impact the community.

Kumanday is proud to support sustainable coffee farming. By sourcing our coffee beans from small-scale family coffee farmers in Colombia, we are committed to not only providing our customers the best coffee, but also continuously improving our processes and ensuring coffee growers’ general well-being.

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