Hernan Musang King

Country of Origin


Musang King is commonly known as the Durian King, prized around Southeast Asia for its sticky, creamy texture and bittersweet taste. It is the most expensive durian variety, and most sought after by locals in the region.

We work closely with our farmers to ensure high quality durians are delivered to our customers. Hernan Musang King durians are sourced from Kelantan, Pahang and Johor to deliver the best tasting durians for you.

Hernan Musang King Durians are the best quality durians from Malaysia. The durians will naturally ripen and drop to the floor before being collected.

Hernan Durians are then gathered at our state of the art modern facility for rigorous quality checks to ensure only premium quality is delivered to our customers.

Each Musang King has been checked thoroughly for the distinctive 5 star pattern at the bottom of each durian to ensure authenticity of our durians.

Enjoy the tasty creamy flesh of Hernan Musang King Durian today!

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