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The tangy-sweet taste of our Elara kiwi is the perfect palate cleanser after your meals and it's packed full of nutrition to keep you healthy! Fresh kiwi fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E and a good source of dietary fiber.

Jupiter’s Hayward and Greenlight kiwi are grown in the ideal surroundings of northern Greece. We cultivate our fruit following seasonal availability to the highest standard and pack to customer specification at source.

Hayward kiwi fruit are the most popular variety globally as the vines produce large flavourful fruit that act as a great source of vitamin C and important antioxidants. The unique flavour and intense sweetness provide an impressive eating quality.

Jupiter’s Greenlight are an early variety which are amongst the first kiwi to be harvested in the season. Greenlight kiwis are a sought-after variety due to their three-week window of availability.

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