Elara Yellow Honeydew

Country of Origin

Costa Rica

Our Yellow Honeydew melons are a healthy and easy to prepare snack for any time of the day. Perfect to re-hydrate the body after a workout or even as part of a fruit salad, Honeydew melons contain a large variety of nutrients that may help reduce blood pressure and even contribute to the health of our bones.

Just one serving of Yellow Honeydew melon can provide over half of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin C, meaning that your body is aided in its fight against illness with a boosted immune system.

Grown and nurtured in the ideal South American climate, Elara Gold melons are chosen for their quality and taste. The year-round tropical weather ensures that our farmers, and in turn our melons have an advantage from the perfect microclimate to grow fruit.

Elara Gold Yellow Honeydews are direct from source as we champion truly transparent supply chain, right from seed and sapling through to delivery to shelf.

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