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Jupiter's traditional and new variety grapes are grown to premium standards on our farms in Chile. Almost a third of our production is now new varieties including, ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™), ARRA 19 (ARRA Passion Glow™), Timco, Allison, Maylen and Sable alongside traditional varieties such as Thompson, Crimson and Red Globe.

The arid Chilean landscape provides our vineyards with the ideal conditions to flourish which means a consistent and high quality production.

To ensure quality and consistency of our fruit, our fully temperature controlled supply chain cold chain is never broken right from pack house arrival through to point of delivery. Our cold chain begins at harvest, with an industry leading 30 minute in-field refrigeration target.

Our Jupiter standard production enables us to farm to the highest standards, providing consumers with the best quality fruit available from the region.

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